Beta-1,3D Glucan PLUS

Contains 100 mg of Beta-1,3D Glucan #300 PLUS
Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and Selenium

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Beta-1,3D Glucan PLUS’ formulation was based on scientific studies that proved the importance of supplementing your diet with the Beta Glucan, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and Selenium combination in treating conditions associated with diabetes, like diabetic retinopathy. See studies below:

It is also ideal for those who want to maintain and support a strong, healthy immune system and supplement their Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and Selenium intake.

Suggested Use: One capsule per 110 pounds of body weight daily.

Edorium-J-Pathol-2018 Simultaneous supplementation with vitamin D and β-glucan resulted in positive changes in apolipoprotein A1 metabolism. In addition, this supplementation caused a significant decrease of leptin levels, accompanied by weight reduction of tested patients.

CONCLUSION: Based on these findings, we conclude the importance of vitamin D and β-glucan supplementation in patients with diabetic retinopathy. Read more…

North American Journal of Medical Sciences 2016 … found strong synergistic effects of glucan combined with Selenium #1 at all glucan-Selenium ratios…

…beneficial effects when glucan was given in combination with vitamin C. …vitamin has been shown to stimulate the exact same immune responses as glucan, i.e., macrophage activities, natural killer cell activity, and specific antibody formation.

Confirmed that Selenium supplementation used concomitantly with a high-quality glucan can significantly improve its biological effects. Read more…

The Open Biochemistry Journal 2018 …there was a significant increase in vitamin D levels, an improvement in HDL levels (the good cholesterol), and a strong decrease of the total level of cholesterol.

CONCLUSIONS: Long-term evaluation and beta glucan supplementation, combined with vitamin D supplementation, during general treatment of these patients significantly improved both health and mental conditions….

Conclusion: From our data, we concluded that glucan and vitamin D supplementation strongly influence lipid metabolism and have positive effects on human health. Read more…

Other studies can be found at

Size60 Capsules
Beta-1,3D Glucan #300100 mg
100 Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)100 mg
Vitamin D3400 IU
Selenium50 mcg
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Supplement Facts

DIABETICS: If you are concerned about glucan being a complex form of glucose, you need not be. Beta Glucan cannot harm anyone in any way. This includes those diabetics regarding his/her blood sugar issues. Many people get confused over the use of the term “glucose.” Our Beta Glucan products consists of a “complex” form of glucose. It is so complex that it may be referred to as a fiber. Since fiber (Beta Glucan) cannot be digested in the gut into simple sugars, it cannot be of any harm to diabetics. In fact, diabetics would enjoy the extra fiber in the diet.

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