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Beta Glucan: Nature’s Secret

Dr. Vetvicka, Professor of Pathology, Louisville School of Medicine, Louisville, Kentucky, has conducted numerous scientific studies documenting how Beta Glucan enables the immune system to defeat the invasion of harmful cells, viruses, bacteria, etc.  Dr. Vetvicka has recently published these studies in his latest book, “Beta Glucan, Nature’s Secret.” It reveals a wealth of important information on Beta Glucan.

We recommend “Beta Glucan: Nature’s Secret” to practitioners, researchers and those wanting to learn how to maintain a robust immune system and how to fight illness/diseases.

Dr. Vetvicka discusses:

  • The molecular structure of Beta 1,3-D Glucan
  • Beta glucan’s mode of action
  • Clinical uses and applications

Bottle of Beta Glucan: Nature’s Secret Price:  $24.95

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Order Dr. Vetvicka’s book and Learn the “THE KEY TO STAYING HEALTHY” and much more about the proven benefits of this powerful and natural immunomodulator.