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Quotes from Dr. Vetvicka’s Book

Book Cover Image of Beta Glucan: Nature's Secret

  • What important cancer-fighting chemical does Beta glucan turn on to help overcome this horrific disease?  See page 40.
  • Page 43.  Find out why a person exposed to radiation needs immune support and how they get it.
  • High cholesterol? Statins are not the only way to fight bad cholesterol. See page 51 and find out what Beta glucan to buy and why.
  • Diabetes is the silent killer. Read the book to find out how to fight back.
  • Page 59 tells you what depresses the immune system and what helps.
  • Can you overcome the effects of stress and possibly head off the slow deterioration of your health? See page 62.
  • Dr. Vetvicka compares glucans on page 72.

The superior performing Beta glucan used in Dr. Vetvicka’s research is referred to in his book as “lot 300” and “glucan #300.”  A. J. Lanigan, our manufacturer,  is responsible for the control and manufacture of our Beta 1, 3-D glucan products, which are the same as the lots used in Dr. Vetvicka’s research.