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Review of “Beta Glucan: Nature’s Secret”

Written by Vaclav Vetvicka, Ph.D.

Learn the “THE KEY TO STAYING HEALTHY” and much more….

Dr. Vetvicka has written numerous articles based on his well-documented scientific studies with beta glucans. These studies reveal:

How BETA GLUCAN STRENGTHENS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM, enabling it to overcome the invasion of harmful cells, viruses, bacteria, etc.”

He makes specific reference to BETA GLUCAN’S EFFECT ON BLOOD SUGAR, CANCER and the FLU.

Beta glucan miraculously: “Stimulates the production of precursor cells in the bone marrow.”

This results in a more rapid flow of new immune cells into the bloodstream and various organs throughout the body.

Dr. Vetvicka makes it very clear how BETA GLUCAN TREATMENT POSITIVELY AFFECTS arthritis, fatigue from physical and psychological stress, wound healing, the overall condition of the skin, overcoming suppressed immune cells caused by radiation or chemotherapy, ulcerative colitis, and HIV.

He comprehensively presents the history and foremost origins of glucans and states that:

  • “THE USE of this natural remedy is ABSOLUTELY VITAL in our ever-changing environment.”
  • The body’s ability to combat old and newly developing diseases is becoming one of the biggest challenges we, as a society, have today.

Discover how “Beta Glucan can be a “SOLUTION” to overcoming these challenges.”

Dr. Vetvicka discusses different types of glucans available on the market. Research reveals that:

  • Choosing the CORRECT GLUCAN, DOSAGE, and ADMINISTRATION is VITAL to optimally affect the human immune system.
  • Beta glucans differ widely in physicochemical and biological properties.
  • Some glucans have NO BIOLOGICAL ACTIVITIES at all.

Dr. Vetvicka explains simply the basic principles of the immune system; how the immune cells in every single organ of our body monitor their surroundings for anything foreign and detrimental to our health.

You will learn that infection is not the only problem we must address; there are a number of negative influences that contribute to the impairment of defense mechanisms; i.e., polluted environment, persistent stress, poor nutrition and/or lifestyle, various types of radiation, and the overuse of antibiotics.

Read about the amazing results glucans have had when administered to animals. Review the scientific references to countless completed studies, as well as testimonials by satisfied glucan users.