What is the key to staying healthy? Don’t get sick… Strengthen your immune system with Beta 1,3-D glucan. Stock up today for a healthier school season. Mom and Dad, don t forget to take your Beta! To Your Health!
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Beta-1,3D Glucan 100 mg / 60 Capsules


Beta-1,3D Glucan 500 mg / 60 Capsules


BetaKIDS is an immune support designed especially for children. The small, gummy chewable tastes is fruit-flavored, delicious and is easy to take. Contains 50 mg of Beta Glucan PLUS Vitamin D3 and Selenium.


A 6-Pack of BetaKIDS is an immune support designed especially for children. Save 15%!


Beta Plus lotion was formulated to deliver a youthful appearance by supporting a healthier skin. It helps restore and protect the barrier function of the skin by providing a soothing protective film. Its rapid absorption and deep penetration nourishes your skin to help maintain its moisture, lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


Beta Glucan: Nature’s Secret by Dr. Vetvicka, Pathology Professor, Louisville School of Medicine, shared his scientific studies showing how Beta Glucan enables immune systems to defeat invasions of harmful cells, viruses, bacteris, etc. 3rd Edition!


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