What is the key to staying healthy? Don’t get sick… Strengthen your immune system with Beta 1,3-D glucan. Stock up today for a healthier school season. Mom and Dad, don t forget to take your Beta! To Your Health!
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Do you believe your immune system is important? Do you believe it is wise to support and strengthen it? Then why would you use anything less than a clinically proven product?

The most important thing that keeps you healthy is your immune system.  It is your body's defense against illness.  It is working every second of every minute of every day. When it does not work properly, you get infections, viruses and worse.

You can improve your immune system’s function with Beta glucan #300.  It activates key immune cells that defend the human body against a multitude of health threats. Beta 1,3-D glucan is, "the biologically most relevant immune modulator.”

Journal of American Nutraceutical Association (JANA), 2007

“We believe that when a person takes a product to strengthen their immune system, that is exactly what they should get.”

It seems simple enough. Unfortunately, that is not the case with many immune products on the market today. Most are no better than drinking salt water. These companies are taking your money and NOT DELIVERING AN EFFECTIVE PRODUCT.  They could also be taking your health.

Each week Beta Source will publish test results on an immune product that has been tested by a disinterested third party. You will SEE THE DATA as it was REPORTED TO US by a renowned university.  The data is based upon the analyses performed in their labs.  You will then be able to evaluate an immune supplement based on scientific testing and facts, not your “best guess” or hype.

BETA MAX or Glucan #300?

Same story. . . different supplement

Glucan #300 Far Superior in Side-by-Side Testing

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If your immune supplement is not featured and you would like to know if we have had your product tested, please send us an e-mail. We will let you know if it has, and the results of the testing.

What we offer

The Highest Purity Available – Beta 1,3-D glucan, from Beta Source, is the most highly purified and effective immune support supplement available. Our Beta glucan is used in Dr. Vetvicka’s research and is referred to in his recently published book, “Beta Glucan: Nature’s Secret,” as Beta 1,3-D glucan, “Lot 300” and “Glucan #300.”

Tested, Verifiable Results – Many independent and credible institutions such as the University of Louisville, Tulane, Harvard, the Canadian Department of Defense, and others have performed tests on our glucans for over 50 years. All tests demonstrate that our glucan ALWAYS IMPROVES IMMUNE FUNCTION.

Comparison to Other Immune Supplements – We have tested our product against well over 50 other compounds that advertise, “they have the best immune supplement available.” NOT SO! NOT ONE has been able to outperform Beta Source’s glucan.

Strengthen your Immune System

For those who need or want a one-a-day safe, all natural immune supplement, for those who want to ensure their immune system is working at its peak, or for those who are facing the challenge of not having a healthy immune function, Beta Source offers the best solution with Glucan #300.