Beta Glucan: Nature’s Secret

Dr. Vetvicka demonstrates through his published research how important Beta Glucan is to each of us to maintain a healthy, active immune system.

Unfortunately, many of our clients and family members are facing challenges such as cancer. Chapter 10, “Glucan and Cancer,” in Dr. Vetvicka’s latest book, “Beta Glucan: Nature’s Secret, 3rd Edition,” is of special interest to them.

One question Dr. Vetvicka asks on page 84 is, “So, is it a good idea to take glucan to prevent cancer? His answer is: YES! Glucan will help protect you against cancer and many other illnesses that would normally be eradicated by a strong immune system.”

In this Third Edition, Dr. Vetvicka adds new research to the over 10,000 studies worldwide that systematically prove Beta Glucan supports the body’s immune system by making it more active and more effective. Please note that Beta Glucan DOES NOT overstimulate the immune system making it become overactive. Some immune supplements do.

After reading his book, you will have enough information to understand the importance that Beta Glucan has on your health. It is Dr. Vetvicka’s desire to share the knowledge he has gained with the public.

This book is intended for:

  • Readers, who are seeking new ways to maintain and/or improve their health.
  • Nutritionists, who are looking for an improved nutritional regime.
  • Physicians, who are interested in glucan and its action, but have no time to immerse themselves into the vast universe of scientific publications.

Be confident in knowing that:

  • The Beta Source markets the same superior performing βeta Glucan #300 as the lots used in Dr. Vetvicka’s research, and, which are referred to in his book as “lot 300” and “Glucan #300.
  • A.J. Lanigan, our manufacturer, is responsible for the control of all our βeta 1, 3-D Glucan products.

Dr. Vetvicka does not sell glucan and has never endorsed any brand of Beta Glucan. He wrote his book for educational purposes, objectively and completely without any profit motive. Any commercial names used in his book are stated only because of his own extensive testing.

Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka, Ph.D. is a Professor and Vice Chairman and Director of Research at the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky. He is one of the foremost experts on Beta Glucan.

He has authored and co-authored more than 220 peer-reviewed publications, 8 books and 9 international patents. In addition, he presented over 40 invited lectures at universities and research institutes all around the world.