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Item 1: Two bottles – 100mg Beta-1,3D Glucan #300 (60 Capsule Bottles)

  • Ideal for those who want to maintain and support a strong, healthy immune system.
  • Suggested Use: One capsule per 110 pounds of body weight daily.

Item 2: One bottle – 500mg Beta-1,3D Glucan #300 (60 Capsule Bottle)

Item 3: One package of Glucan Gummies (30 small delicious fruit-flavored chewable gummy lozenges per package)

  • Ideal for Children ages 2 – 11 years to maintain and support a strong, healthy response.
  • Suggested Use:
    • Ages 2 to 7 – One lozenge every day, ½ hour before eating
    • Ages 8 to 11 – Two lozenges every day, ½ hour before eating
  • Benefits and science behind Beta Glucan for children.

Size120 capsules (Two 100 mg bottles)
60 capsules (One 500 mg bottle)
30 chewable gummies
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Supplement Facts (100 & 500 mg)
Supplement Facts (Glucan Gummies)

DIABETICS: If you are concerned about glucan being a complex form of glucose, you need not be. Beta Glucan cannot harm anyone in any way. This includes those diabetics regarding his/her blood sugar issues. Many people get confused over the use of the term “glucose.” Our Beta Glucan products consists of a “complex” form of glucose. It is so complex that it may be referred to as a fiber. Since fiber (Beta Glucan) cannot be digested in the gut into simple sugars, it cannot be of any harm to diabetics. In fact, diabetics would enjoy the extra fiber in the diet.

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